MOGLI - Patience - Vinyl

MOGLI - Patience - Vinyl

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Mogli’s second release ‚Patience‘ is a melancholic, dream-like pop statement on change and the patience necessary to survive emotional upheaval and depression, each of the EP's five cinematic tracks represents a distinct moment of growth and transition, laced with the lingering grief for a past life that inevitably accompanies this growth. Starting with the aural, lyricless emotional heights of electronic-tinged, piano-driven "Intro“ , going to momentous pop beats, 80s vibe and smoky, sensual synths and ending with "Cryptic," a cerebral battle with Mogli's own instincts and intuition, the EP is a snapshot of an artist in flux


1. Intro
2. Patience
3. Strobe Lights
4. Another Life
5. Cryptic